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Be Careful Who You Take to Your Hotel Room.

It is common to see men of all ages bring back women to their hotel / hostel / Airbnb. The women look pretty,  have great bodies, they are young, and some even speak English. Do you know anything about them?  I mean, do you really know anything about them?

You probably think, “I’ll just use a condom and I’ll be safe”.  Not so fast, my friend, there are other dangers…

Scopolamine, also called burundanga, date rape drug, and devil’s breath, is frequently used by prostitutes to drug their victims.  Just a little skin contact with this stuff or a little in a drink makes a person lose their will.  Victims willingly take all their money out of their bank accounts and hand everything over to their attacker and then have no memory of what happened.  A little too much scopolamine and this could mean death.

Resultado de imagen para escopolaminaResultado de imagen para scopolamine effects

Young beauties may just be too young.  Many fifteen, sixteen and seventeen year old girls are out there walking the beat.  Beware, getting caught with a minor means jail time, a hotel / hostel / Airbnb shut down and possibly the loss of property.  Colombian youths or any other minors, anywhere in the world, should NOT be exploited and Colombian authorities are not tolerant with this type of CRIME.  Yes, this IS a crime.  Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the high heels and the makeup.  Do not take their word for it. They may not be eighteen and if this is the case, you may be in hot water.  If you decide to take one of these girls back to your room, please be sure to check that they have an original colombian ID, a cédula, not a photocopy.  Prositution is legal in Colombia, but sleeping with an under age minor is SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.  DO NOT DO IT!

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