It is Christmas in Medellin, a poem by guest Jesse Lipman

28 Dec

It is Christmas in Medellin

The rio resplendent

bathed in blues whites

artificial green lights lining

its concrete banks

sparkling up the surrounding hillside

curved into luminescent swans stars

designs they begin making each February

The locals flock in families

wide eyed toddlers in shoulders

patriarchs organizing snapshots

Vendors emerging out of charcoal plumes

pressing chicken to grill

cackling grease roasting corn

sweat beading on foreheads

in the fluorescent glow

grown girls in spaghetti  straps

envelop boyfriends locked in pose

amid the swim of bodies

weaving the pathways by thousands

a yellow eyed beggar

mumbling as he follows

a rapid of rubbish waves the water

away from eyes

lost in light


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