Golfo de Uraba, another alternative to get to Panama from Colombia

05 Dec

Gulf of Urabá

Popular destination spots:

{ Triganá: Great ecotourism, almost no tourists during low season, off the beaten path.

{ Capurganá: Great ecotourism, rocky beaches, tourists all year long, popular destination, has airport, if traveling to Panama you get your passport stamped here.

{ Sapzurro: Beautiful fisherman’s bay, great seafood, walking distance to Panama’s La Miel.

{ La Miel: Beautiful Panamanian beach, no accommodation, no passport needed.

Bus information from Medellín to Turbo:

Buses leave from Medellín’s North Terminal. Two bus companies travel to Turbo on alternating days, Sotraurabá and Gómez Hernández. It is recommended that you travel at night in order to arrive a few hours before catching the boat to any of the above mentioned destinations which only have morning departures due to rough waters in the afternoon. It is not worth staying in Turbo overnight. Make sure you dress warm; the AC makes it really cold on the bus. As night becomes day, make sure you check out the incredible banana region of Urabá, the smell in the area is not as wonderful, however.

Bus schedule:

PM: 6:15 – 8:00 – 9:00 – 10:30

Cost: $53.000 officially, but haggle for a better price.


Tel. 230 9696

Booth #25

Gómez Hernández

Tel. 2309551

Booth #24

Boat information:

Once you get off the bus ask for El Waffe, this is the dock area, it’s just around the corner from the bus terminal. Only one or sometimes two boats leave every morning around 8:30am for each destination, so try to be there early. You will need to purchase the boat ticket at the dock office, have your passport handy as you will be asked for it. Hopefully you are traveling light because they try to charge you an arm and a leg for excess baggage. 25 people fit on each boat. If you sit in the back of the boat you will most likely get wet. If you sit in the front, you’ll be dry but it is very bumpy and you’re kidneys and your back won’t like you. Personally, I like the front because of the view but in order to avoid body aches, I travel standing with my knees at shoulder width and slightly bent, make sure you hold on. Wear sun screen and a secured cap as these usually fly off. I recommend you wear shorts and go barefoot. You will be able to change from your bus clothes at the dock (Waffe).

Cost: $35.000 to Triganá, $49.000 to Capurganá

Traveling to Panama through the Gulf of Urabá:

If leaving Colombia from this area of the country, you must have your passport stamped at the DAS office in Capurganá. From Capurganá you take a boat to Puerto Obadía, Panama, which costs about $40.00US for 1 to 4 people so try to travel with a group to keep costs down. Make sure you get your entry stamp at the immigration office once you enter Panamanian territory. From Puerto Obadía take a flight to Panama City. The flight costs about $65.00US.

Flight 320: (Wed. 9:10am), (Thurs., Sat., Sun. 9:05am) – 1 Hour flight

Traveling from Cartagena to the Gulf of Urabá:

Take a bus from Cartagena to Montería then take another bus to Turbo. The road is not the best so be prepared for a bumpy ride.


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